HANKAI DENSHA goes from Osaka City to Sakai City.


Reprinted from Hankai Tramway Co., Ltd.

I start from Tennoji-Ekimae (HN01).

Tennoji-Ekimae (HN01) → Sumiyoshi-Koen (HN11)

Type 701 is a new car.

"Sumiyoshi-Koen (HN11) " of the terminal is until January 31, 2016, and it is abolished.

On foot to Sumiyoshi-Taisha.

2,000,000 people go to Sumiyoshi-Taisha for a visit to a Shinto shrine on the first three days of a new year.

It is the Grand Head Shrine of the approximately 2300 Sumiyoshi-jinja Shrines throughout Japan.


Sumiyoshitriimae (HN12) → Hamadera-Ekimae (HN31)

502 is Type 501.

TEIKOKU SHARYO production in 1963

Hamadera-Ekimae (HN31) of the terminal.

Hamadera-Ekimae (HN31) → Abikomichi (HN15) 

I change a tram.

Abikomichi (HN15) → Ebisucho (HN51) 

I go to Tsutenkaku on foot from Ebisucho (HN51).

Current Tsutenkaku was built in 1956 in the second generation.

I can overlook Osaka from an observation deck of 87.5 meters in height.


They take a ceremonial photograph together.

The god of things as they ought to be.

Shin-Sekai means downtown around Tsutenkaku.

Lunch is Okonomiyaki.

"BUTATAMA" is the basic dush which pork and an egg are in.

"SUJIKON" is the special dish which a beef tendon and konjac are in.

Thay match beer very much.

Fluffy and Softly.

"KUSHIKATSU" is a popular food in Osaka, too. It is Japanese style of deep-fried kebab.

There is always a line at its cafeteria.

I went round south side of Osaka City.